Petition to Mozilla: Remove DRM

Hugo Roy hugo at
Sun Oct 5 20:50:53 UTC 2014

Yes, for users who do not want to install DRM, this will not
affect them. But this will affect everyone else who will simply
follow the default reccomendation and end up supporting DRM.

Mozilla argue they do this because they cannot go against the
trend in the market to impose DRM on HTML5 videos and thus, in
order not to lose market shares because of this, they will support

I think this analysis is wrong, because the Firefox market is
wider than just the US and the biggest video website in the world
does not have DRM at all (except for the paid-for service, which I
never heard of and is probably again only used in the US).

DRM are a nuisance and their costs should not be a shared burden
for Mozilla and Firefox users worldwide.

Just my personal opinion


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