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Dear Thomas,

Thanks for your link, I indeed missed.

Actually, this link is really relevant. To make it short, Mozilla is
not about to implement a new DRM into Firefox, but just adding support
for such DRM (in a sandbox, even). As it has been done for NPAPI,
which is the example they often give on this blog post.

They even talked about "module", which really makes me think that we
could unload this from Firefox. And thus, you'd be able to plug it on

This even goes a bit farther in my previous opinion, there's no need
to oppose to Mozilla pushing support for DRM into Firefox. They
implement an API to support them, they don't provide them. This will
likely be a matter of shipping afterwards: do you provide the module?

At least, with the API available, you let the user free to have DRM
support or not.
Why would we have to oppose this? They offer the choice, they don't
force the user? If he doesn't want the module and wants to remain
fully open source, he's free to do so.

Regarding your last statement Thomas, I've to point that DRM are still
required for some contents in HTML5. I mean, switching to HTML5 won't
solve the DRM issue. This is actually what Netflix (still a good
example for this) relies on to bring its services to Linux users:
This allows them to move away from Silverlight and Windows.

Side note for the usage, as you wondered, still reading the link you
pointed, 30% of the downstream traffic in North America is DRMed.


On 05/10/2014 21:32, Thomas Doczkal wrote:
> On 10/05/2014 07:55 PM, Pierre Schweitzer wrote:
>> Do you have any information about how the Mozilla Foundation
>> plans to implement this?
> Hi Pierre,
> I think this link [1] which you might not have seen on 
> explains the way Mozilla considers to go.
> They already have some options in mind. One option mentioned is
> creating a fork of Firefox which has DRM included and offering both
> to the users. IMHO this sounds like a chrome vs. chromium thing. I
> think it's a similar story here.
> I don't have enough background knowledge about DRM to know how
> often you will need this to have a "good" Internet experience. All
> I know is that neither DRM nor Silverlight will work on Linux 
> comfortable. I can't believe that Adobe will support GNU! Linux in
> there Access CDM for long. They recently stopped to support the
> adobe reader[2] which IMHO mainly companies use in there work
> flows. They also changed support for Flash player to maintenance
> mode and haven't done more then critical bug fixes for quite some
> time. Furthermore support for Adobe Air (which is I think less
> painful then the other two above) is no longer given for Linux OS.
> I think it's time to stop DRM and push HTML5 further to get an open
> web experience with many advantages compared to HTML Version 4 or
> less.
> Let's see what time brings.
> Best Regards, Thomas
> [1] 
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