English GnuPG leaflets available

Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Mon Nov 24 14:27:18 UTC 2014

In September we layouted and printed a German version of the e-mail
self-defense leaflet to distribute at the freedom not fear demonstration
in Berlin. We received a lot of positive feedback about the leaflet, and
had to order it for the third time already.

Volunteers are distributing them before the cinemas (”interested in
e-mail encryption like Edward Snowden”) when they show Citizienfour, one
cinema even hands them out themselves for every Citizienfour ticket they

Today the *English version* arrived in our office, and can now be ordered
on <https://fsfe.org/contribute/spreadtheword.html#promo-material>. 

Other language versions (Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Greek) will
soon be available, too. If you want to help with translations, please
write an e-mail to translators at fsfeurope.org with Spanish we currently
need proofreading

*Enable us to distribute it* If you want to support FSFE to produce and
send leaflets to activists all over Europe, you can help by donating to
FSFE http://fsfe.org/donate or to support us in the long run become a
supporting member of FSFE http://fsfe.org/join (If you donate 150€ we
cover postage to send out ~10 big promo packs). 

Best Regards,

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