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>> I don't get this point:
>> ""quote --
>> - 128 GB SSD (this would be the one component that might have to be 
>> proprietary as I’m not aware of another option)
>> -- ""
>> Don't notebook SSDs appear as standerdised SATA disks these days? I've 
>> never experienced any trouble with this class of device. Could imagine 
>> that the internal ROM firmware is proprietary, but this should be the 
>> case for a lot of the components (even when the loadable part of the 
>> firmware is free).
> Don't trust a hard drive to not modify the data in flight:

This link:
is about SD cards and what's dangerous about them. But what you can do
with SD cards you can do with SSDs and USB sticks too, I would say.

And think about removing data what's in bad blocks. I think it's not
possible to remove that data without destroying the SSD. An SSD could
even copy all your data to hidden parts.

I would like SSD's without a controller, where the OS is reponseable for
bad-block mapping and wear leveling. Or SSD's with open source firmware.

See here a list of the tasks of the processor in a SSD:

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