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Paul van der Vlis <paul at>, Sun 2014-11-23 23:06:
> u-open-to-the-core-laptop

I don't get this point:

""quote --
- 128 GB SSD (this would be the one component that might have to be 
proprietary as I’m not aware of another option)
-- ""

Don't notebook SSDs appear as standerdised SATA disks these days? I've 
never experienced any trouble with this class of device. Could imagine 
that the internal ROM firmware is proprietary, but this should be the 
case for a lot of the components (even when the loadable part of the 
firmware is free).

The specs are not high end. In this vicinity I could also recommend some 
of the contemporary Chromebooks. Most of them run with coreboot by 
default. The hardware of some models[1] runs out of the box with 100% 
Free distros. The processors are similar to the Intel Core series, but 
usually branded as Intel Pentium or intel Celeron, those names take some 
getting used to. Wikipedia has a very useful ressource[1] in this 
Just stay away from the ARM Chromebooks, they depend on proprietary 
graphic acceleration (the unaccelerated graphics delivered by the Free 
driver isn't worth your money).

[1]Using the Acer C720 myself, but the specs are lower than the proposed 

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