1&1 / gmx to switch off service it received dfd award for

chrysn chrysn at fsfe.org
Sun Nov 16 12:40:52 UTC 2014

hi fellows,

some years ago, 1&1 (gmx) received the dfd award for providing open
standards infrastructure to the masses[1].

now, it seems they plan to switch it off[1].

not that i'd have recommended gmx to anybody for quite some time, but
i'm actively communicating with many people over xmpp who already had
gmx addresses and for whom this was an easy start.

now given i'm neither a customer of theirs (much less a paying one) nor
active in any social media where they could feel like reacting to
anything, i see myself a little low on options to act against that.
(if it involved only me, i'd take it as a reason to just move to another
server, but convincing communication partners is another issue).

do you see any way the fellowship could exert some influence? i'm
certainly not suggesting actions along the lines of withdrawing the
award ("and hand back the cake" -- that'd be childish), but the award
has been at least acknowledged in media and press releases ([3], [4],
[5]), maybe that could be taken up?

best regards

[1] http://fsfe.org/news/2012/news-20120328-01.en.html
[2] http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/MultiMessenger-United-Internet-schaltet-XMPP-Jabber-Server-ab-2455588.html
[3] http://www.heise.de/open/meldung/Document-Freedom-Award-fuer-1-1-Internet-AG-1485004.html
[4] http://blog.1und1.de/2012/03/28/11-internet-ag-erhaelt-document-freedom-award-2012/
[5] http://newsroom.gmx.net/2012/03/30/auszeichnung-fuer-gmx-der-beliebte-multimessenger-erhaelt-den-document-freedom-award-2012/

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