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Otto Kekäläinen otto at fsfe.org
Wed Mar 26 06:38:53 UTC 2014

2014-03-25 16:15 GMT+02:00 Hugo Roy <hugo at fsfe.org>:
> I know it's not really specific to Free Software. However, I am
> sure this could be interesting to anyone reading this list and to
> all folks publishing articles or blog posts on fsfe.org web sites.
> This is a short article on what makes a good hyperlink:
>     Writing Hyperlinks: Salient, Descriptive, Start with Keyword
>     <http://www.nngroup.com/articles/writing-links/>
>     Summary: To help users quickly find what they need, anchor
>     text should stand out from the body content and accurately
>     describe the page that it refers to.

I've been reading the Alertbox newsletter by Jacob Nielsen of this
very same company for maybe 10 years now, and all the advice I've read
there has been very good and evidence based. I warmly recommend. In
particular if you don't agree with what the recommendations are, you
should really push yourself to become enlightened :)

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