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Tue Mar 25 21:46:32 UTC 2014

El 25/03/14 22:07, Robert Kehl escribió:
> Hello,
> Am 25.03.2014 15:15, schrieb Hugo Roy:
>> [...] I am sure this could be interesting to anyone reading this
>> list and to all folks publishing articles or blog posts on
>> fsfe.org web sites.
> The passage that most amuses me is the second conclusion:
> "Second, don’t force users to read the text surrounding a link to
> determine where it leads. This is both time consuming and frustrating."
> In other words: "Don't write anything, they won't read it anyway -
> just link to some other place to keep them busy."

Well, I think the article is not so ambitious. I think it just says that 
between these two possible sentences with links:

A) Alice wrote <a href="blogpost.html">a blog post</a> about her 
experience deploying free software web services.

B) Alice wrote <a href="blogpost.html">a blog post about her experience 
deploying free software web services</a>.

option B seems to be better than A, because our eyes inconsciously jump 
to the blue underlined text before reading the rest (the same with ads, 
graphics, and so).


Laura Arjona

> Not really my kind of experience nor liking.
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> Rob
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