Buying group software

Federico Bruni fede at
Sat Mar 22 00:04:11 UTC 2014

On 21 marzo 2014 10:55:55 CET, "Odile Bénassy" <obenassy at> wrote:
>Le Thu, 20 Mar 2014 18:57:24 +0000,
>Florian Schmidt <irie at> a écrit :
>> Hi Federico,
>> in Germany we have such groups too. They are called 
>> "Verbrauchergemeinschaft" or Food Coops.
>and in France : 
>AMAP for "Association pour le Maintien d'une Agriculture
>My AMAP uses a simple web site + a google spreadsheet

In my group, for most orders, we send and collect spreadsheets through emails. It's quite boring.

I'm currently thinking about automating it with a python script and cron.

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