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Florian Schmidt irie at
Thu Mar 20 18:57:24 UTC 2014

Hi Federico,
in Germany we have such groups too. They are called 
"Verbrauchergemeinschaft" or Food Coops.

Sombody started this project (sourcecode hosted on Github):

A quick search revealed also the following project:

Anyway, i've never used these packages. In my old food coop we used to 
have a self-programmed platform that is not really maintained.


On 20.03.2014 18:07, Federico Bruni wrote:
> In Italy there are local buying groups who order food or any stuff 
> from local organic farms. They are called GAS (Gruppo di Acquisto 
> Solidale).
> I'm wondering if you know similar groups in Europe. If yes, do they 
> use a Free web service to collect the orders?
> In Italy we have a small Italian project, probably run by one person:
> The php code should be on Sourcefourge.
> Of course an international Free Software project would scale much better.
> Does it exist already and I'm missing it?
> Or there's no interest in such a service?
> Thanks
> Federico
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