EU research funding + free software

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Thu Jun 26 14:29:45 UTC 2014

>> > [...] As far as I know all EU projects include funds for
>> > secretarial work, so that could be assumed by paid positions within
>> > FSFE. What do you think?

>> And boy, is there a lot of paperwork. [...]
>> That's fine if you're working at a decent-sized university
>> department or a company. There's usually a staffer there who
>> handles everyone's paperwork for EU projects. But if you don't
>> have such a person, then the paperwork will kill you.

> Sounds like the FSFE should have a staffer for this.


I see a misunderstanding, that brought to Niko's other disappointed
reply ("I understand [...] funding for free software projects is
outside the FSFE's goals").

IIUC, Nikos' original proposal was to hire a person withing FSFE's
offices for this kind of paid work.  Karsten's reply makes me thing he
perceived a request to help with current workforce (or participate in
a project as a project member).

It's difficult to calibrate thing properly, but I understand Nikos'
proposal: there are FS projects that may win EU funding if somebody
does the [later paid for] paperwork.  But the project itself can't
hire a staff member for that, because of size contraints or legal
position or whatever.  So FSFE may develop the expectise and host the
right people to do the paperwork on behalf of FS projects.

As said, it's difficult, because there may be too little or too much
work to grant an employee, because FSFE must be careful about
purely-free projects as opposed to mixed-license, and so on.  But the
basic idea is sound.  Sure it take a serious effort to get it started,
but the chances are high that the final effect for FS development and
adoption is positive.

Thank you all for this discussion, I find all points of view worthwhile.

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