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On 22 de junio de 2014 17:47:47 GMT+01:00, Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos <nmav at> wrote:
>I was made aware of the following fosdem talk about EU research funding
>and free software:
>My experience with EU projects is that it is infeasible for any small
>project to manage the bureaucracy required by the EU. Could FSFE assume
>that role? As far as I know all EU projects include funds for
>secretarial work, so that could be assumed by paid positions within
>FSFE. What do you think?
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Dear Nikos,

I am subscribed to the mailing list but I am unsure that this message will get through to the list as I am a member of fsf but not fsfe.

Thank you very much for the link! I have worked in FP7 projects and EU projects before and this is a good introduction for me as I always took part as a low level scientist. And I now want to be more involved.

One of the projects I colaborated with is they are a group of mainly two from CMI. But they are involved in a lot of diffferent projects which improves gwyddion in many ways. On the proposals and deliverables they clearly state that all software will be GPL. I think, as you propose, it is a good idea to get fsfe involved. But as the talk says, you need someone experienced on H2020 accounting and burocracy. So maybe have fsfe and another experienced partner or maybe have them use the funding to hire an experienced project manager/accountant.

Good luck!
Andrés Muñiz-Piniella
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