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Il 20/06/2014 14:48, Markus Fischer ha scritto:
> I do not think this is Free Software -look here:

I wrote to Luis Cobian, the developer of Cobian Backup, a couple of
years ago asking him to publish his software with a GPL License and take
advantages from the use of a free license. Unfotunately this is the
answer I got....

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Oggetto: 	Re: Cobian Backup with GNU GPL
Data: 	Mon, 7 May 2012 14:24:09 +0200
Mittente: 	Luis Cobian <******>
Organizzazione: 	CobianSoft
A: 	Massimo Barbieri <massimo at>

Hello Massimo,

There is an Open Source (MPL license) available (version 8) on Source
Forge . Unfortunately the community did nothing for it and no
actualizations of it saw the light of the day.


> Hi Luis!
> My name is Massimo Barbieri and I am an Italian fellow of the Free
> Software Foundation Europe. I use your Cobian Backup at work, since a
> lot of years, in all my clients and I would like to thank you very much
> because Cobian Backup is absolutely great!
> I also would like to suggest you to change the license of Cobian Backup
> in order to make it a Free Software[1]. You already give to your users
> the possibility to use, to copy and to distribute the software, but not
> the the possibility to modify the software.
> Giving to the users the opportunity to study and modify the source code
> of your software you will benefit from the contributions of wide
> community of developers and Cobian Backup will become even better. The
> GNU General Public License[2] is written both to assure users freedom,
> and to protect developers.
> Please, if you can, take it in consideration and don't hesitate to write
> me if you have any question about Free Software,
> Ciao ad thanks again!
> Massimo
> 1.
> 2.

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