fsfe.org SIP service?

Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Mon Jan 13 12:53:07 UTC 2014

Hi Daniel,

* Daniel Pocock <daniel at pocock.com.au> [2014-01-08 08:44:30 +0100]:

> Can anybody comment on whether FSFE has SIP or is planning to use SIP?
> I notice an SRV record exists for _sip._udp.fsfe.org but no TLS record
> (there should also be _sips._tcp.fsfe.org)

This is a leftover. It was maintained by volunteers for some time and
then it was no longer maintained. 

> I've recently proposed SIP service for debian.org and it would be fairly
> easy to replicate this for other free software communities, here are the
> details:
>   https://wiki.debian.org/UnifiedCommunications/DebianDevelopers
> As I'm quite involved in the development of several of the necessary
> packages I'd be happy to help FSFE get them into use

Thank you very much for the offer, I would love to have this service.

Our system hackers will get in touch with you. This might take a bit,
and at the moment they have to consolidate our infrastructure so it
might be a bad time to introduce new services. 

We also thought about the option of volunteers runing new services, but
for sustainability we thought about the condition to have 3 Fellows
commited to maintain the service, before we introdue it to all Fellows.


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