What to use to organise a "weminar"?

Paul Hänsch paul at fsfe.org
Fri Feb 28 20:31:33 UTC 2014

Daniel Pocock <daniel at pocock.com.au>, Fri, 28 Feb 2014 20:23:49 +0100:
> If you just want to broadcast unidirectional content (e.g. you don't
> need to see the other people), then you may be able to use something
> like VLC and a streaming server

I would recommend VLC too. The setup of the broadcast stream is
relatively easy using the graphical user interface. There are tutorials
for that too. If you are using a consumer internet connection, you will
usually need to set up a port forwarding on your router, so that the
port used by VLC on your computer gets exposed to the internet and
people can connect to it.

See that you do not set the stream quality too high, your internet
connection must suffice to copy the stream to all viewers at once
(unless you use true multicast techniques, which you probably do not).
In a screen cast the first thing you can spare is the frame rate.

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