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Hugo Roy hugo at fsfe.org
Tue Feb 18 22:01:38 UTC 2014

+ 2014-02-18 Tue 22:30, Florian Weimer <fw at deneb.enyo.de>:

> > The bit that contradicts directly what you are saying is:
> >
> >     FSFE does not endorse the existence of a non-free version, but
> >     FSFE cannot forbid authors to execute the rights granted by
> >     copyright in their own work, as long as this does not limit
> >     the scope of fiduciary's exclusive license.
> The web page has markedly different content from the PDF file.  You
> need to read the latter and check what software is covered.

What is different exactly? Are you implying that the statement
above is not true? Please give arguments and reasonings instead of
simply implying such things.

You wrote earlier that FSFE granted permission for proprietary
software. That is simply untrue and if you believe otherwise, you
did not understand the Bacula agreement, or you did not not
understand what’s in FSFE’s legal power as a fiduciary under the

> > The permission to make proprietary software was absolutely not
> > granted by FSFE, but directly by developers (who hold copyright in
> > their contributions).
> The wording in the agreement does not restrict its scope to Bacula
> code that had already been licensed to Bacula Systems by its authors.

The agreement aims at resolving a lot of issues because it was a
messy situation involving multiple agreements in several steps
over the years; that does not mean that FSFE endorses proprietary
software. I stand by what I wrote: the permission to make
proprietary software was not granted by FSFE.

Please be more explicit in your response instead of just making
vague accusations that FSFE endorses proprietary software. Thanks.

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