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Wed Feb 12 14:56:59 UTC 2014

Hi Lucile,

I think "open source cloud computing" is used, at least in most of the
cases, as a short way to say "open source software for building private
and public clouds". OpenStack ( is, maybe, the
main example of that.
Do you think there is any other meaning for that expression?

Best regards


El mié, 12-02-2014 a las 15:13 +0100, Lucile Falgueyrac escribió:

> Hi everyone
> Lately I'm reading lots of things about "open source cloud computing".
> In press releases of press articles, no one really ever explain what it
> means, and why it is important.
> Do you know more about it? Do you have concrete examples?
> What can be the advantages in term of freedom (could those "clouds" be
> interoperable for example?) Is there already some standardisation going
> on? The normal problems of SaaS remain, don't they?
> Thanks for sharing your insights
> Lucile
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