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Mon Feb 10 23:11:14 UTC 2014

+ 2014-02-11 Tue 00:05, Hugo Roy <hugo at fsfe.org>:

> > > I think it's fair to assume that contributing to proprietary
> > > software (and *not* to free software) is not valuable to software
> > > freedom.
> > 
> > Well, that stands to question here. Qt is arguably both proprietary *and* free 
> > software. Your sentence is certainly true for the general case, but Qt is a 
> > corner case. Does the (additional) contribution to proprietary software 
> > *weaken* the value of the contribution to the free software?
> My personal opinion here is that a business model built around
> making money with proprietary software, and contributing to that
> business model, is not really valuable to software freedom indeed.

Just to avoid confusion, I'm speaking generally here. I do not
care about the particular Qt situation and I'm not making any
judgment on that case.

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