Fairphone violating the GPL

Tobias Platen tobias at platen-software.de
Sat Feb 8 13:53:39 UTC 2014

On 08.02.2014 14:08, Albert Dengg wrote:
> Hi,
> Tobias Platen <tobias at platen-software.de> wrote: ...
>> The source code is incomplete, so you can't build your own
>> kernel
> Without beeing able to check, as i don't have a fairphone: Do they
> actually ship the module that fails to build in the binary image?
> Also: have you contacted them? While still a violation, there is
> always a difference between a mistake (and fixing it) or doing it
> on purpose.... Regards, Albert 
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I wrote a complaint, but I dont think that fairphone will be able to
change the situation. I also found some leaked source code at
http://bit.ly/1dxkUtu that carries a proprietery license. Some other
developers also state that the kernel source code is incomplete.

It may be possible that the ODM Changhong has signed an NDA with
Mediatek (I don't know) and is unable to release the source code of
the chipset. That practice is common among Chinese ODMs, therefore
Rhombus-Tech created their own design from scratch.

Tobias Platen

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