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> Hello,
> Can p2p technologies generally be thought of as free replacements for SaaS ; I'm thinking that one can, in theory, build a Google Docs p2p equivalent that is absolutely free.
> As it would be peer based, not client-server then-informally speaking-everyone would have access to the same code (the only requirement being that you may connect only to peers that have the same version as you do).
> Isn't this the way you can provide truly free alternatives just like you do with non-conventional software?
> I'm asking that question because I haven't seen any campaigns for providing alternatives to SaaSS yet, and I wonder whether there is something wrong with my line of reasoning (too naive?) or I'm just not a good surfer (been a while since someone said surfer, lol)
> And I know that one can run his own service and be free, but there are cases where having a service without anyone else to be served but yourself doesn't have much point.

Maybe have a look at things like unhosted.org?

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