Advocacy material for "going open source"?

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Wed Dec 31 00:30:56 UTC 2014

Hi Torsten et al.,

There are some papers comparing calc, gnumeric and excel. Seems to show peer review of gnumeric with support of R project makes it a better spreadsheet. Same gnu/octave vs matlab and others.

 Might be new papers now.

EU look for more open way of publishing I do not think that they would like the money spent in H2020 be for a particular company.

R&D papers are now gold or green preferably so CC or similar. If you publish data analysis you should let others reproduce the results. And comment how correct it is. Plus a refernce to the code is quicker than describing it in a paper.

Please Post on Gitoriuos as it is on this side of the Atlantic and not propietary such as gitorious.

Personal case: after using 5 different propietary scanning probe microspe data analysis software and hitting brick wall with comments such as "cannot put voltage on data as it is not our core business" i now use I feel it is the defacto spm analysis software i.e. industry standard and companies will problably ship it by default with teir equipment. So the CMI are very visible now.

Hope it helps.


El 30 de diciembre de 2014 20:30:56 GMT, Torsten Bronger <bronger at> escribió:
>I work in a government-funded research facility.  Over the past 6
>years, we created in-house software for managing our research data.
>I was the primary responsible person for this project.  Now, I'd
>like to see it being converted into an open-source project.  GPL,
>GitHub, etc.
>My boss does not rule it out straight away.  But he likes to be
>convinced that it is a good move.  He has only little idea about
>open-source software, licences and the like.  By the way, we have no
>other "business plan" with this software.
>My question is: Is there any material (slides, web pages, books,
>case studies, peer-reviewed articles) that help with promoting
>converting to an open-source model?  Could you point me to it?
>(I raised this question on a German FSF mailing list a couple of
>months ago but the responses did only contain personal opinions.
>While I agree with all of it, it does not help me.)
>Torsten Bronger.

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