Advocacy material for "going open source"?

Torsten Bronger bronger at
Tue Dec 30 20:30:56 UTC 2014


I work in a government-funded research facility.  Over the past 6
years, we created in-house software for managing our research data.
I was the primary responsible person for this project.  Now, I'd
like to see it being converted into an open-source project.  GPL,
GitHub, etc.

My boss does not rule it out straight away.  But he likes to be
convinced that it is a good move.  He has only little idea about
open-source software, licences and the like.  By the way, we have no
other "business plan" with this software.

My question is: Is there any material (slides, web pages, books,
case studies, peer-reviewed articles) that help with promoting
converting to an open-source model?  Could you point me to it?

(I raised this question on a German FSF mailing list a couple of
months ago but the responses did only contain personal opinions.
While I agree with all of it, it does not help me.)

Torsten Bronger.

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