Smart Home - Lacking standards and lock-in

David Gerard dgerard at
Thu Dec 18 09:32:26 UTC 2014

On 18 December 2014 at 09:11, Hugo Roy <hugo at> wrote:
> ↪ 2014-12-18 Thu 00:19, David Gerard <dgerard at>:

>> The future is, quite literally, your fridge being pwn3d by Russian
>> hacker gangs to send spam. This is a thing that is literally going to
>> happen.

> You mean, like this?
> Just saying, this is not the future, this is now.

Oh wow, I didn't know about that one. Thank you.

> Also, I think that the likeliness that the fridge is going to be
> misused by a hacker is not high. (Or did you mean something else,
> remember that a hacker is not synonymous with criminal, otherwise
> FSFE would be a criminal organisation defending our rights to
> hack!)

I think arguing the definition of "hack" is a ship that sailed decades
ago; attempts to do so are one group self-labeling as "hackers"
claiming that another group self-labelilng as "hackers" shouldn't use
the label, but approximately nobody else cares and this really doesn't
match observable usage of the word.

- d.

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