Smart Home - Lacking standards and lock-in

Nico Rikken nico.rikken at
Wed Dec 17 22:28:00 UTC 2014

Dear Guido,

Thanks for the pointer, it gave me a great set of insights. I guess you
mean Goesta Smekal instead of Kurt Gramlich, since Goesta talked about
the home automation, whilst Kurt talked about passive housing.

As a quick summary for all readers tuning in: the Open Source Domotics
Group [1] has been founded to develop a reference implementation of
using free software, open standards and free hardware when possible to
create an as-free-as-possible reference implementation of home
automation. They offer a wiki [2] and a show with development kits [3]
as well. By basing their system on 6LoWPAN [4], IPv6 for and CoAP [5]
they've managed to create a FOSS implementation making use of many
common communication standards (UDP, REST, DLS), whilst still having
low-power communication. This seems contrary to other home automation
protocols which seem to be reinventing the wheel in some regards.

Of course this raises questions about adoption and compatibility with
other software components, which I'd have to look further into.

Kind regards,

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