A question about open databases license

Michel Roche pichel at vercors-net.com
Thu Dec 11 18:36:23 UTC 2014

Le 11/12/2014 17:07, David Boddie a écrit :
> Sorry to jump into this discussion a bit late. I heard that meteorological
> data was mentioned in this thread but only just managed to register with
> the list. I'm replying to an earlier message because the discussion gets
> into quite detailed questions about uses of database licenses later on.

Thanks for your thoughts David.
There's a real concern between the pure intention of opening data and
consolidating self incomes for such organizations.
Nevertheless, as it been thouroughtly pointed out in the discussion,
open licences should be used to simplify things, and not to complexify
them. The SA and NC clauses fall into the latter category, and if my
first thought was not to use them, I now understand better why standing
this point of view.

My final advice to the organization has finally been to use a Public
Domain licence or an Attribution one when it was relevant.
And for opening the data that rise problems, the answer will be in their
"political" decision, where they'll have to decide between a small
income for them and the wealth of society. there's even an intermediate
choice that is to publish subsets of data that do not rise the said risk.

I like very much the text of the talk abstract you cited and will
forward it to the organization.

Michel Roche

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