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# Nikos Roussos <comzeradd at> [10.12.2014 @ 14:47]:
> On 12/10/2014 12:29 PM, Max Mehl wrote:
>> Of course, Free Software has many links to free culture. But TPB was a
>> site with lots of illegal content. And of course we could (and should)
>> criticise the current copyright laws but we shouldn't connect it with
>> this event. It would provide our opponents with a target IMO.
> Just a tiny but important clarification. TPB didn't host illegal
> content. Just the magnet files pointing to them. This is an important
> distinction and the basic reason why shutting down a torrent tracker is
> nothing less than censorship.

You're right, I forgot that. Thanks for pointing this out, Nikos.

Then this would be a headline like "Don't blame the sender of the bad
message if the whole system is silly", but that's more or less none of
our business and IMO we're far from being distinctive experts in this
mined field.


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