The Pirate Bay is closed

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# Nico Rikken <nico.rikken at> [09.12.2014 @ 23:28]:
> I guess this is better suited for the discussion mailinglist.

Thanks for moving this. I also included our PR list.

> There are more sides to this story. Just take the view of Peter Sunde
> [1]. Not to dramatize the issue, but would this not be more similar to
> Silk Road having been shut down? Copyright laws are quite clear, you
> might like them to be different, but that is another debate. Then again
> the Pirate Bay also offered non-copyrighted material, and taking down is
> quite a severe measure.

I think the same way as Nico.

> It's not my call to make, but such a statement might lead to the wrong
> conclusions about the FSFE for the casual reader.

Jep. I'm also not in the position of deciding what's worth a PR and
what's not, but I also think that criticising the takedown wouldn't be a
clever move to make for FSFE.

Of course, Free Software has many links to free culture. But TPB was a
site with lots of illegal content. And of course we could (and should)
criticise the current copyright laws but we shouldn't connect it with
this event. It would provide our opponents with a target IMO.

Just my 2 cents.


Original mail of Andrés for better understanding:
> It seems sweden police has closed The Pirate Bay, maybe the most important site about free culture in europe. I think FSFE has something to say about it. FSFE must at least send a press note to media establishing free culture and right to share as a fundamental right.

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