Microblogging + RSS for private use

Ilias K. ilias.k.cs at freemail.gr
Sun Aug 3 14:06:10 UTC 2014


I'd like to aggregate RSS/Atom and microblogging updates and display
them all in a Twitter-homepage-like fashion in my computer, ideally
sorted by date.
I know there is Gnu Social, which I just checked out from Git, but I'd
like to have it display RSS feeds as well.
I have also thought going the other way around, taking a feed reader and
having it also display status updates in the same manner. I've tried
compiling Liferea in the past without much luck (maybe I'll retry).
I also know of NewsBlur, but I don't really know how free it is, and
trying to let it loose it may prove too time-consuming.

Does this all sound too unrealistic? Do you have alternative suggestions?

Many thanks.

Ilias K.
Software developer, Greece
GnuPG fingerprint: E7EC F151 9697 9E5A 55B1  EA8E D7BD 69FA FCB0 91E0

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