Fairphone - a free Android device?

Mats Sjöberg mats at sjoberg.fi
Sat Aug 2 08:22:58 UTC 2014

Carsten Agger <agger at modspil.dk> writes:
> Thanks to Tobias and Torsten for clarifying.

Hello Carsten, Tobias and Torsten, and thanks for this discussion! I was
also under the impression the Fairphone was a lot better on the FLOSS
front than what it appears...

> I just went to write this on their forum:
> I'm a free software activist and just received my second batch Fairphone.
> Basically, I believe the "fair" solution as regards to software is that
> we should always have the right to run, study, modify and redistribute
> any software we use - which is rather a prerequisite for "owning" it, so
> having 100% free software is very much in the Fairphone's spirit.
> ...

I wrote a short reply to keep the topic active in the Fairphone forum.
Maybe if we all chime in we can get their attention :-)

Best regards,

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