translated fsfe flyer

Felix C. Stegerman flx at
Fri Sep 20 19:43:56 UTC 2013


I rather liked the German "screwdriver" flyer, and would have liked to
hand out a Dutch version at the software freedom day meeting of my
local LUG.  Since no translations existed, I translated the flyer to
English and Dutch.  The translations can be found here:  I was unable to use the layout and used
part of the f-droid flyer instead of a part of the original flyer
because I liked it better.  I was unable to find any copyright
information about the original flyers and assumed that, as an fsfe
fellow, it would be OK if I simply translated it, with very few
modifications.  I also hope my translated texts can be useful to
others, perhaps to create a proper flyer.

- Felix (flx at

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