Any suggestion as to how or if to proceed?

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Fri Oct 11 05:30:30 UTC 2013

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>Dear Andrés,
>On 09/10/13 19:35, Andres wrote:
>> I am new to the mailing list, I have cut out contact details but it
>> involves libraries in the UK.
>The venue is appropriate, but when forwarding a long e-mail exchange to
>a list, it would be rather decent to briefly summarise it.

Note taken, sorry, it does make sense.

>In regard to the substance, am I correct that your e-mail exchange does
>not deal with the general situation in the UK, but with the local
>situation in a particular municipality?


>If that is the case, I would pick a few technically minded council
>members and attempt to set up a meeting with them to explain the
>problem. If you can get them to bring up the issue at a council
>it will, at minimum, raise awareness of the problem, which might be
>enough to get the council move its libraries towards Free Software.
OK, I will start finding out who is who.

>You also mention British FS companies in your original e-mail. Are
>any who would benefit if the council moved to FS? Maybe you could
>contact one of those and ask them for help with lobbying?

I can think of canonical and foss box, the latter might be easier.

>On a more general note, do you know how common the problem is in
>general? Are there any municipalities making use of Free Software,
>especially on their public computers?

Not that I know of, I did mention munich and the french police incthe face to face canversation.


Thank you!

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