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Simon Hornbachner lfodh at
Fri Nov 29 08:36:05 UTC 2013

Ahoy hoy,

> Yes, it's not 100% Free Software, but maybe 99%? It's less proprietary
> out-of-the box than e.g. Android in Nexus devices
I'm not sure if that is true. Yes, SailfishOS maybe free software for
the most part, but the User Interface on the Jolla phones will be
proprietary, as far as I understand it. On the Android OS, the only
proprietary parts are the proprietary Google Apps afaik (but I may be
mistaken), as well as the drivers. But after the first look, I still
think that a non-google Android ROM with F-Droid is to be preferred
over the Jolla phones. 

I also agree that competition is a good thing, but we already have
semi-free competing mobile Operating Systems. I much rather see
ressources be devoted to things like or

But still, thanks for putting it on my radar - I subscribed for their
newsletter just to stay informed :-)

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