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theo.schmidt at wilhelmtux.ch theo.schmidt at wilhelmtux.ch
Thu Nov 28 07:28:40 UTC 2013

Am 26.11.2013 12:29, schrieb Max Mehl:
>> On 25 November 2013 18:55,  <theo.schmidt at wilhelmtux.ch> wrote:
>>> Is there no item about the OOXML-battle? This was a large issue in
>>> Switzerland.
> Thank you as well for your help. I'm wondering why this isn't in the pad
> anymore. Karsten has added one or two news items but somehow it disappeared.
> Anyway, I already wrote a new item trying to summarize all news about this
> topic in one success. You can see it in the final timeline :)

Hi Max,

Thank you.I think the OOXML-issue was milestone even if we lost. It was 
probably more evident in Switzerland than Germany because the 
FSFE-office was then in Z├╝rich. Shane Coughlan was working there at the 
time (2008?) and did a great job representing FSFE. Georg Greve was also 
there, but represented Google. For some strange reason, Google's vote 
wasn't counted in Switzerland. As we "lost" by one vote, this was one of 
several irregularities in Switzerland. Howevber according to
such irregularities were also found in Germany and indded in most 
western countries.

> You have been a big help for me and the whole project. Thank you!

And thank YOU! The timeline looks great!

Theo Schmidt

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