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Tue Nov 19 07:48:35 UTC 2013

2013/11/19 Michael Kesper <mkesper at>:
>> Anyway I think Dell XPS 13 is great. It might not be perfect, but it
>> is still the best thing I've seen so far. It enables me to get a real
>> GNU/Linux system without unbearable cost or functional sacrifices. In
>> fact, it has functional advantages that makes it in the top range of
>> laptops available at the moment. Very cool.
> If the Dell comes with a bad WIFI, that should be one of the most easy parts
> to change, right?

Just as a clarification: the one I bought in the spring is great, with
Intel wifi. The second one my collegue got this autum came with
atheros wifi, does not work. Don't buy unless Dell promises to deliver
a model with Intel wifi (as it still says in the tech specs at

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