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Andres a75576 at
Tue Nov 19 07:45:46 UTC 2013

>Of those reading this thread - how many of you are currently running a
>machine that did not come with any kind of Linux pre-installed?
Acer aspire one zg5 ssd with linpus preinstalled. 6 years ago. Ran different flavours and now running trisquel mini (lxde) though I would like gnome3 again. I recently bought a £30 battery and life went from 15min to >6hrs. 

My sister in law had one with hdd with xp, it failed, so I installed ubuntu. Worked fine until a SMART diagnosed eminent failure. Gave me the laptop I swapped keyboard (I wanted spanish) and a friend repaired the hdd with I don't what tool (problably nonfree). It is now used in our workshps with trisquel mini for arduino projects.

Acer aspiresone zg5 are available on ebay for £1. Only thing that does not work is battery. Only thing nonfree is bios according to h-node.

¿does anybody know of an holistic tool that repairs broken blocks? Free software?
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