Phone Flash workshop in Brussels, 12th December

Erik Albers eal at
Tue Nov 12 12:00:34 UTC 2013

Dear All,

From 12 to 15th of December there will be an art/technology-festival by the
'Constant Association for Art and Media' in Brussels:

They are doing a phone-flash-party (like FreeYourAndroid workshops) in
that people that did phone-flashing gather with people that have not yet
experience in phone-flashing but like to free their phones.

They asked me to come and host the event, but, unfortunately, I am not able to
make it in that time. Now they found someone else who feels able to host the
event, but, still, they are looking for technical people that help him to
flash phones.

They asked me to spread the request and as I support phone flashing and
leaving Google Services a lot, I thought about spreading the message here.
Anyone who feels able to help and might make it to Brussels (or lives there),
feel free to contact me for more details and contacts.


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