English language questions [was: English version of the tool leaflet to comment on]

Alessandro Rubini rubini at gnudd.com
Mon Nov 11 15:48:58 UTC 2013

> Please find confusing sentences with "software" bellow:
> * Free Software gives us essential freedom that other type of software
> deny us.

> * Free Software can be used as tool.

"as tool" sounds bad to me, but it's not a problem with "software".
> * There is an incredible number of Free Software available

"amount" instead of "number".
> *  However, fortunately Free Software accounts for a large proportion of
> those embedded software.

"the" instead of "those".  Just think about "water" or any other substance:
you can count applications, programmes, tools, frameworks, packages, but
not softwares. Just like you can count liters, bottle, glasses, brands,
but you cannot count waters.

> Are those sentences ok? Sorry for the very basic question. I'll ask a
> native English speaker to proofread the whole leaflet and improve the
> wording, but I'd like to understand..

I hope the point is clear now. It's good to have somebody proofread
the leaflet: I was raising the point about misuse of "software"
because misuse is pretty common in local translations (including my


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