English language questions [was: English version of the tool leaflet to comment on]

Heiki "Repentinus" Ojasild repentinus at fsfe.org
Mon Nov 11 15:48:32 UTC 2013

On 11/11/13 15:41, Lucile Falgueyrac wrote:
> Are those sentences ok? Sorry for the very basic question. I'll ask a


> * Free Software gives us essential freedom that other type of software
> deny us.

Either "other type*s* of software deny us" or "other software denies us".

> * Free Software can be used as tool.

"as a tool"

> * There is an incredible number of Free Software available

"incredible amount" or "incredible number of Free Software packages"

> *  However, fortunately Free Software accounts for a large proportion of
> those embedded software.

No "those".

I only commented on the grammar; however, I am inclined to believe that
some of the sentences could be rephrased to sound more natural and

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