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Lucile Falgueyrac lucile.falg at fsfe.org
Tue Nov 5 12:27:10 UTC 2013

Hi Fernando, Jann, Heiki,

Thank you for commenting, you had very valuable points. I implemented
some changes (the ones that made sense to me).

A few words about Fernando's message:

On 11/01/2013 07:30 PM, Fernando Reis wrote:
> I recently joined the fellowship and have not contributed before to the work of the Foundation.
> I would like to thank you and show my appreciation for your work.

Welcome and thanks for your contribution!

> 4th page:
>  - "… often badly restricted." -> "… often strongly restricted." (Badly restricted would mean wrongly done.)

I chose to use "heavily restricted" in the new version. What do you think?

> Non-free proprietary software is still used in some of these devices. However, fortunately Free Software accounts…" 
>(I have mixed feelings concerning this box at the end. I understand that the idea is to say that free software is not an utopia, it is used de facto. However, it leaves the feeling that there's nothing to worry about.)

Valuable point, I added your sentence.

> 5th page:
>  - "…digital society." -> "…information society." (Some years ago I worked in information society statistics. "Information society" was the term used internationally in Europe.)

Mh, this is a long debate... I also like information society but digital
society is what is used everywhere on the website fsfe.org "Free
Software Foundation Europe is a non-profit organisation dedicated to
promoting Free Software, working to build a free digital society." so
I'll stick to it for now

Did I miss something?

Thank you again,

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