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On 23/03/13 20:01, Besnik Bleta wrote:
> I'd like to hear your opinions before updating my translation.

Thanks for your attention to detail!

In my view, whether "product" or "software" is used is not especially
important here - "product" is an extremely broad term: "products" are
not only created by companies, and not only for profit. Proprietary
apps can be projects or products, and so can Free Software apps.

I agree that most user-restricting apps in this context are "products"
created by companies, but not all. However we need not make a clear
distinction - the clarity of the message is unaffected in English
whichever term we use, and I see no benefit in being hyper specific.

If the choice of term in this case would have a significant impact on
the meaning of the sentence in your language / translation, then I
recommend you choose whatever is most clear and least restrictive in

Many thanks for your translation,


PS This thread is probably most relevant to the translators@ mailing
list, so I've put it in CC.
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