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Mon Mar 11 13:30:19 UTC 2013

Hi Michael,

On 07/03/13 11:17, Michael Clemens notierte:

> * IRC clients (e.g. irssi)
> * jabber clients (e.g. mcabber)
> * mail clients (e.g. mutt, pine)
> * compilers (gcc etc.)
> * screen/tmux
> * git

I think everybody is running these services already at a home or remote
machine. So there is no real need to provide these. But they fit into a
nice scheme. And it would be a shame to offer such a shell server
without them.

> * OpenVPN service, so fellows can encrypt their connection when they are
> on the road
> * web site hosting
> * databases (MySQL, postgresql etc.)
> * SSH tunneling
> * File storage

Seems like a very nice playground.

> * Enough fellows have to show interest in such a system

Well; I'm not a fellow yet. But I like the idea in general. Perhaps with
optional running additional custom compiled services?

> * Besides me, I would need two other fellows with skills in Linux/Unix
> administration

I'm not a security specialist. But I would like to help out. I have
basic knowledge of Linux admininstration.

So if there is anything going on, feel free to contact me.



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