Fellowship Shell Server

Michael Clemens clemens at fsfe.org
Thu Mar 7 10:17:07 UTC 2013

Dear fellows,

I think it would be nice to have our own multi user unix system that
provides shell accounts and maybe additional services to us. Every
fellow could have his/her own shell account and access to the following

* IRC clients (e.g. irssi)
* jabber clients (e.g. mcabber)
* mail clients (e.g. mutt, pine)
* compilers (gcc etc.)
* screen/tmux
* git

Additional services could be:

* OpenVPN service, so fellows can encrypt their connection when they 
are on the road
* web site hosting
* databases (MySQL, postgresql etc.)
* SSH tunneling
* File storage

In order to start this project, the following two conditions have to be 

* Enough fellows have to show interest in such a system
* Besides me, I would need two other fellows with skills in Linux/Unix 
   (and maybe in IT security) who will take care of the system

If this will be the case, I would suggest the following procedure:

* I would rent a single server system and an additional FTP account as 
backup space
* We (the 3 admins) would build up a system with some basic services, 
harden it and
   develop/implement scripts for the automation of administrative tasks 
like account
   creation etc.
* We and some some volunteer beta testers would play around with it
* The FSFE would take over the server and its rent
* The system would be open for all of us
* Additional services could be added

What do you think?


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