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Hello, office folk!

This was sent to discussion at . Can someone at the office coordinate
with Jann and sort this out? Sounds fun.

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Date: 4 March 2013 14:12
Subject: Promotion material for the CommonsFest 2013
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Hi all!

In short:
I am looking for a large banner/poster/roll-up like this:


For an event in April: http://commonsfest.info

In detail:
I am looking for FSFE promotion material for a festival, which a few
friends and I are organizing. The "Festival of the Commons" intends to
promote such things as peer-to-peer collaboration, freedom of knowledge,
copyleft licensing, and of course free software.

The festival will be in Heraklion, Crete, in six weeks from now during
the 14-21 April 2013. Besides talks and workshops there will be an
exhibition with some info booths. That's where I would like to make some
fliers and other info material available to the visitors. I already
found some fliers etc. on the fsfe.org server, which we can print
ourselves. Is there some big banner, poster, roll-up or such available
during that time, which we could borrow for one week.


PS. I also set up a fellowship event, I hope that's okay:

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