Name of the system (was: Firefox Mobile + Geeksphone = Awesome)

Jelle Hermsen jelle at
Sat Mar 2 13:45:33 UTC 2013

On 2/28/13 2:19 AM, Sam Tuke wrote:
> +1. However I really, really wish that their app store would practice
> what they preach and state proper licenses, instead of implying that
> all apps are licensed the same (all rights reserved).
Yeah, license info would be nice, now you can only look at the privacy 
policy. I might be a bit cynical however, but I doubt they will change 
this. It's not all that uncommon to shed some idealistic feathers in 
order to promote adoption. But still, I do hope, and think, that the web 
is the way out of this mobile sinkhole most companies create for their 
users. The AGPL, and initiatives like LibreJS might be the way out.

On 2/27/13 8:33 PM, Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross wrote:
> If you want a GNU/Linux pocket computer other than a OpenPhoenux GTA*, 
> there is some discussion on the Qi-Hardware mailing list about a Nano 
> Note #2.

Looks interesting, will need to get bigger pockets though :)


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