Your input needed: Questions for panel w/ Eben Moglen, RMS, 4 MEPs

Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross maillist_fsfe at
Sun Jun 30 01:14:57 UTC 2013

Some responses to surveillance/censorship is if enough people all do it 
at the same time then they can't stop you all. The message will get 
though. They recognise that is ugly but don't think that the evil yuck 
yuck (lock-in, monopoly, saas, spybook,etc) can be replaced. There 
opinion is that the bad guys, ie gov would be winning by splitting 
people up. Those not on spybook and suckers who are. That they admit/are 
losing control by switching and so to show that they will not submit or 
something, They will keep using spybook.

Hopefully I didn't forget anything or make mistakes.

My thought/question is: but how do you get all those people to do it 
when they can kill the campaign off in the early days. Currently they 
have been affectedly letting you do your campaigns like in the east but 
that’s a false sense of err "security".

Thank you very much for this opportunity and all your work.

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