Who did not get a password from the ISP?

Andrea Di Dato a.didato at na.astro.it
Fri Jun 21 08:28:41 UTC 2013

Il 21/06/2013 10:02, Matthias Kirschner ha scritto:
> I am looking for examples from people who did not get a password from
> their ISP for the internet access, or for the VoiP account. Background:
> at the moment in Germany at least some providers start to bundle routers
> with the internet contract. They do not hand out the username and
> password to set up your own router any more. Their argumentation is to
> save support costs.

Take in account that leased lines (ADSL) are point-to-point so many 
providers doesn't enforce on security because they start from the 
assertion that they installed your line and only you can connect to that 
fisical couple of wires, so the password bacome relative!
In Italy I'm sure that at least my provider make this reasoning but it 
is very probable that other do. Basically I can use the account of my 
e-mail and the preconfigure generic one to connect, the result is the 
same: line is up!

I'm sure your experience is different and absolutely the intention of 
providers are. So I share your same concerns and I belive that people 
should be informed.

   Andrea Di Dato

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