Who did not get a password from the ISP?

Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Fri Jun 21 08:35:12 UTC 2013

* Mirko Boehm <mirko at fsfe.org> [2013-06-21 10:08:59 +0200]:

> > I am looking for examples from people who did not get a password
> > from their ISP for the internet access, or for the VoiP account.
> > Background: at the moment in Germany at least some providers start
> > to bundle routers with the internet contract. They do not hand out
> > the username and password to set up your own router any more. Their
> > argumentation is to save support costs. 
> > 
> > So first the question: Have you or someone you know experienced this
> > problem? If so, which provider and which contract option? 
> Friends of mine have this problem. The provider is Alice,with a
> standard DSL contract. It seems to the standard behaviour for this
> provider. I tried to set up a wireless router for them and failed.
> Alice actually charges extra (!) for allowing custom installations. 

Can you please find out which exact contract it was? And tell me how
much they want to have extra for giving you the necessary data to set it
up yourself.


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