Who did not get a password from the ISP?

Christian Kalkhoff softmetz at fsfe.org
Fri Jun 21 08:12:52 UTC 2013


Am 21.06.2013 10:02, schrieb Matthias Kirschner:
> I am looking for examples from people who did not get a password from
> their ISP for the internet access, or for the VoiP account. Background:
> at the moment in Germany at least some providers start to bundle routers
> with the internet contract. They do not hand out the username and
> password to set up your own router any more. Their argumentation is to
> save support costs. 
Not sure if it applies to me, I recently got a router from Mnet with
password preset. I got the hardware as replacement for older hardware
that was not given out with the contract years ago.

I still have a (very old) sheet of paper with my credentials but i am
not sure if those are given out to new customers. Anybody else uses Mnet
in Munich as ISP can clarify on this?


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