Who did not get a password from the ISP?

Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Fri Jun 21 08:02:08 UTC 2013

I am looking for examples from people who did not get a password from
their ISP for the internet access, or for the VoiP account. Background:
at the moment in Germany at least some providers start to bundle routers
with the internet contract. They do not hand out the username and
password to set up your own router any more. Their argumentation is to
save support costs. 

So first the question: Have you or someone you know experienced this
problem? If so, which provider and which contract option? 

Second, I brainstormed with some people about the arguments, here the
current alpha state. I am looking forward to your comments and

1. ISPs start to bundle their contracts with a router. We will argue
that this is bad for competition, pushes out other companies producing
routers, and will also lead to more expensive routers.
2. ISPs do not give out the usernames and passwords necessary for the
internet connection and VoIP. We will argue that every computer with
network hardware could fulfill the task of a router. If ISPs are allowed
to keep this data secret, they can hinder new products where the
funtionality of the router is included. They also have access to the
privat network of the customers, they are responsible to what is
happening there, but on the other hand they have no control over the
- it will be hard for people to buy router hardware from companies they
- political parties are asking for privacy by default, which this is 
  absolutely not
- customers should have the possibility to buy devices, which include 
  several functions (music/media player, print server, file server, 
  router, wireless access point, etc.) to save power.
- If ISPs can decide about the configuration of the routers, it is 
  difficult for other companies to build products which can connect to 
  the internet (they would have to tunnel everything)
- it is difficult to run alternative software for routers, whom people 

All the things are only available if you pay more to get the password.
Privacy and control over the devices has to be the default, not the
option you get, when you pay more.

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