Turkey's Erdogan visits Microsoft, Apple, Google

Vicen Rodriguez Vicen_Rodriguez at fsfe.org
Thu Jun 20 23:30:01 UTC 2013

Hello friends,

I know it is a little bit late to propose any change in the draft, but I
think 'Last week you visited America [...]' should be 'Recently you
visited America [...]' or 'Some weeks ago you visited America [...]' or
something similar.
Anyway, the letter looks good. The initial draft was very soft and it
may be convenient at times to use a more direct style. I think it is
very appropriate to include the reference to the current situation in
the streets of Turkey.
I think the success of all the proposals that we can make on issues
related to investments like this in technology for students are very
important right now. The future is being played in schools... and
proprietary software manufacturers know it.
Yesterday I read this news:
Bad news. All students should have the opportunity to learn to enjoy the
benefits of free software.
Going back to the letter for Mr. Erdogan, it seems there is a GNU/Linux
distribution called Pardus [1][2] developed by the Scientific and
Technological Research Council of Turkey [3][4]. I think it could be a
good idea to try to send a copy of the letter to the group in charge of
the development of that GNU/Linux distribution.

Best regards


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pardus_%28operating_system%29
[2] https://www.pardus.org.tr/
[4] http://www.tubitak.gov.tr/en

El mié, 19-06-2013 a las 14:28 +0200, Sam Tuke escribió:

> My draft of the opening paragraph is done:
> https://public.pad.fsfe.org/p/MrErdogan
> In the next few hours Lucile will prepare the letter for publication, so
> please make any final suggestions / changes before 15.30 CEST today!
> Sam.

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